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Customer Visit Management

Customer Visit Management
CVM - SEDCO - Customer Experience

A great customer experience is key to make your business thrive. Each engagement with your brand and people contributes to the customers' overall perception about your business.


Our Customer Visit Management (CVM) system manages the complete customers’ visit, to deliver convenient customer journeys while having full control over your processes and performance.


  • Easy to integrate with different business platforms.
  • Enable customers to enter a queue by taking a ticket via different channels (ticketing Kiosk, mobile app and online appointment).
  • Engage waiting customers with targeted ads via digital signage.
  • Manage customer feedback in real-time from a central point.
  • Predictive customer journey mapping to provide deep insights via reports and dashboard.






Convenient Customer Visit at Every Touchpoint

Customer Visit Management - SEDCO







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Customer Journey Management Solutions

Navigate to nearest branch and book appointments.

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Targeted advertising and attractive displays.

Ensure that your customers are happy.

Analyze the past, monitor the present, and plan the future.

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