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Replace customer frustration with a virtual queue

Replace customer frustration with a virtual queue

Queuing is never fun. Customers hate nothing more than standing in queues, uncertain when their turn will come to receive the service. Long queues could result in the loss of customers, who may leave the company and go to a competitor offering a better treatment, which would be devastating to the company's image and business. 


SEDCO's Customer Visit Management (CVM) is more than just an ordinary queuing management system. It organizes the customer visit from the moment they reach your company, boosting their satisfaction with your services, which increases customer loyalty and maximizes profitability. Customers do not have to stand in queues anymore. The system replaces the actual queues with virtual ones, allowing your customers to sit comfortably until they are called forward for service. The system also takes their anxiety away, as it becomes clear to them when their turn will be. Your customers will be guided through the whole visit, utilizing an advanced digital signage that tells them which service point to go to and the expected wait time.


The digital screens can also be used to occupy and entertain customers, which decreases the perceived wait time and therefore improves the overall customer experience. The screens also serve as an excellent promotional outlet. They can be used to educate and inform customers about new services and offerings, which boosts sales and increases profit.


Before your customers leave your company, they can give their feedback about your services and employees either through small LCD touch screens installed in the branch, or via sms messages or a mobile application on their phones, allowing you to measure the customers' satisfaction,  which provides better performance management and improves the customer experience, eventually boosting your business.


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