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SEDCO 30 years anniversary

SEDCO 30 years anniversary

This year, 2013, SEDCO celebrates its 30th anniversary. SEDCO was established back in 1983 as a small company, but with big dreams and great passion and ambition. Over the decades, SEDCO became a well-established global company providing world class IT solutions to more than 24 countries. 


Over the past three decades, information technology has grown beyond anyone’s expectations. SEDCO had also experienced a parallel growth that was fueled by its belief and utilization of technology and the talents of its staff. We believe in the power of technology and the value it adds to our customers’ business. We continuously innovate and find ways to enable our customers to better achieve their goals and do their business. 


Over the decades, SEDCO proved to be a dynamic company that can adapt to continuous fast changes in the marketing environment. This agility is a major cause of SEDCO’s ability to maintain success for 30 years in a world where the average age of a company is declining to less than 15 years.


SEDCO believes that its main assets are the talent and positive attitude of its own people. We hire the best and provide them with a platform to realize their maximum potential. Over the decades, generations of gifted and talented people contributed to the continuous success and growth of the company.


While historical performance does not guarantee future success, there are many leading indicators pointing to a prosperous future ahead of Sedco. On this occasion, SEDCO wishes to thank its customers who are the source of inspiration and innovation and the root cause of our existence. We also thank all Sedconians whose talent and dedication is the base of this success story.


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