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SEDCO introduces innovative Customer Experience Management solutions at MWC 2016

SEDCO introduces innovative Customer Experience Management solutions at MWC 2016

Barcelona, Spain  – SEDCO, a global leader in providing comprehensive  Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, introduced its latest innovations for the Customer Experience Management in MWC 2016, the largest annual exhibition for mobile industry worldwide, held from 22 – 25 February in Barcelona, Spain. Visitors from all over the world, as well as vendors and key decision makers in the telecom industry showed up at SEDCO’s booth in the expo to acquaint themselves with the company’s various solutions tailored to meet the diversified needs of the telecom sector. 

For many consecutive years, SEDCO has been committed to actively participating in the exhibition, aiming to enlighten businesses with its latest innovations and to bring in a change to the telecom industry.


During the exhibition, SEDCO showcased its expertise in providing the latest Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, which take care of each aspect of the customer journey through all possible points of contact whether in-store or out-of-store. By implementing SEDCO’s solutions, telecom operators can have full control over the customers’ interactions with their organizations across their various touchpoints, ensuring a convenient customer journey, which makes the customers happy and turns them into loyal customers. The solutions help telecom operators build brand equity, gain better word of mouth, decrease customer churn, and improve ROI, which drives business results.


SEDCO’s CEM solutions include Customer Visit Management system (CVM), Self-Service Solutions, Mobile App, Media Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Digital Signage. The solutions orchestrate between the various components of a business, be it products, services, employees, or processes to create a positive and favorable customer experience while optimizing the overall business productivity. For more convenience, customers can utilize the Self-Service Kiosks which are available 24/7 to get some services partially or completely by themselves, such as bill payment. They can also obtain services on the go via a customized mobile application, internet access, and they can even purchase physical products by themselves from SEDCO’s self-service shops, such as mobile phones, SIM cards, and tablets.


Mr. Majdi Al Beit Shawish, SEDCO’s CEO, expressed his pleasure to be part of the mobile community, emphasizing on the importance of making the customers the core focus of any business aspiring for sustainable success. He explained that this is why SEDCO comes up with new solutions every year to offer telecom operators a deep insight into their business and help them manage their customer experience efficiently and holistically, and in a way that boosts their business. SEDCO’s solutions are also viable for other verticals, such as governments, healthcare, retails, and banks.


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