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SEDCO introduces OLAP and data mining functionality

SEDCO introduces OLAP and data mining functionality

In a step to help organizations make the best out of the vast volume of information that they have and to facilitate evaluation and future planning, SEDCO has presented OLAP and Data Mining function to CVM solution. This feature enables organizations to collect raw data from their various branches, and to organize, categorize, analyze the data, and to look for patterns in this data that may otherwise go unnoticed. It enables organizations to discover the meaning behind the raw data and to predict future trends in their business.


By utilizing OLAP and Data Mining feature, organizations will be able to discover valuable information about customers and their behavior for certain services and branches and to analyze and evaluate this data. It will also be easy to extract information about the employees in relation to customers and services, and to evaluate their performance. 


OLAP and Data Mining function provides a rich tool to understand the meaning behind the available data and to exploit this data in order to enhance processes and improve the overall performance.


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