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SEDCO's Customer Visit Management system revolutionizes queuing management

SEDCO's Customer Visit Management system revolutionizes queuing management

In large enterprises where big numbers of customers come to the branch on daily basis, a standard queuing system falls behind. SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution (CVM) revolutionizes queuing management. It manages the whole customer visit experience from the moment they step into the branch, bringing great value to both the customers and enterprises.


The solution allows enterprises to organize the flow of customers and to serve larger number of customers. It decreases the actual and perceived wait time, as queues run more quickly and efficiently, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The system also enables the customers to get services by themselves partially or completely, utilizing user-friendly self service kiosks, which elevates workload for the employees and allows the branch manager to relocate staff according to need. CVM solution integrates with the enterprise's backend systems. This enables the administration to measure and evaluate the quality of the provided services and to improve the overall customer experience.


CVM solution expands the enterprises' promotional capabilities, by deploying an advanced digital signage system across the branches to display advertisements and promotional content. Customers can sit in a comfortable waiting area, entertained by content displayed on the screens, and get themselves educated about the enterprise's different products and services, which leads to cross selling and increases revenues.


Enterprises can prioritize services and give special attention to VIP customers, thanks to the customer identification facility that the system provides. And before customers leave the branch, the enterprise can collect customer feedback through small LCD touch screens, which offers better performance management of the branch.


The system boosts service quality, maximizes productivity, and allows for better utilization and optimized the overall productivity.

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