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Why waiting time management is important?

Why waiting time management is important?

In today's hectic life style, time has become a scarce resource. People are always striving to finish an abundance of tasks and responsibilities within a very short time frame. Waiting for a long and undefined time in a crowded branch to get a service is a definite turn off for them and it is guaranteed to make them walk away and leave your branch, looking for another place that offers a better service. This means the loss of your valued customers, which will negatively affect your business and therefore your revenues. The success of your business largely relies on your ability to meet the demands of your customers efficiently and conveniently.  


SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution is more than just a standard queuing management system. It is a superior solution that handles the whole visit of your customers, offering them a customer experience that is marked with ease and comfort, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. No need for the customers to stand and wait in queues. They can sit comfortably and wait while the system organizes the customer flow between the different service outlets, which makes the wait time a more comfortable and relaxed experience. The system eliminates the uncertainty about the wait time, by notifying customers about the expected wait time, which increases customer satisfaction.


The system also decreases the perceived wait time, by deploying an advanced digital signage system that can be installed in the branches to entertain the customers and to fill their time as they wait to be served. The screens also serve sales outlets. It is possible to display advertisements and other promotional content on the screens, which leads to more sales and increases profit.



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