How banks can provide customers with a safe and risk-free experience during the global outbreak of Coronavirus


With the current global situation of Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, all types of physical contact with people are eliminated. Experts believe that coronavirus spreads through droplets- so limiting the exposure to people is the best way to protect your staff, customers and business.

Due to this situation, visiting banks’ branches during the outbreaks is a huge risk. Most of the banks around the world have been requested to reduce working hours or to close their branches to avoid direct contact between people. This period could take a while. However, banks still operate remotely to serve customers through alternative channels such as online banking services.

But what if customers need to withdraw cash, dispense a cheque, issue a new card or cheque book? Here is where 24/7 self-service banking zone provides a risk-free experience to its customers and staff.

The 24h self-service zone is a fully automated area with zero interaction with humans. Customers are given the option to utilize ATMs, self- service kiosks or video banking machines for remote assistance according to their needs anytime.




24h self service zone to protect from coronavirus


Safe banking transactions with remote support 24/7

Customers can have full access to all banking services they require at any time, including ATM cards renewal, cheque deposit/ printing, opening a new account, account statement printing, and many other transactions without assistance from a human.

24h availability to scan, print and share supporting documents while self-service machines capture photos and signatures at any time to support authentication.

In case human support is needed, the video banking machines are the best option for live virtual assistance with the available 24h banking services, eliminating any sort of health risks through human contact, to guarantee the safety of your customers, and staff. 

Moreover, it’s strongly recommended to display ads for your customers on the machine’s screen such as safety instructions to avoid crowded places, keep a distance of 2 meters between each other, and sanitize their hands after completing their transaction. For total health protection, you can hang a sanitizer on the wall beside the machines.




Acquire full control over your smart self-service solutions remotely from your head office  

With SEDCO digital branches transformation solutions, you can easily manage and control all your self-service machines remotely from a central office to avoid human interaction:

  • A single integration point for all kiosks
  • Monitor, track, and optimize services
  • Receive notifications to guarantee availability of services
  • Make informed decisions based on service demands and customer feedback

Together we can beat coronavirus and create safe customer journeys. Stay positive and keep your bank in operation in any challenging circumstances with SEDCO’s smart banking solutions. If you want to get more about the 24 self-service zone for your bank, get in touch and we are ready to help.

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