How Can Mobile Solutions Provide a Safer Customer Journey Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic


As social distancing is becoming a necessary measure to curb the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses must seek innovative solutions that allow them to serve their customers without exposing them to any health risks.

With mobile-based virtual queuing solutions, you get to provide a safer customer journey and ensure the sustainability of your business in these trying times. From appointment booking and mobile ticketing to SMS Notifications and mobile feedback, there are numerous mobile solutions that you can introduce.

Let’s take a look at how these solutions work and what type of benefits they can deliver to your business during the pandemic and beyond.

SEDCO's mobile solutions during COVID-19 and beyond

Enable appointment booking via mobile to avoid crowded branches

Many businesses require customers to sit in waiting rooms. This is a complete no-no at the moment and business owners must take every measure possible to avoid crowded branches and ensure social distancing. Of course, there’s still the issue of serving customers without compromising their health. Mobile appointment booking apps resolve this problem. Customers can use these solutions to book an appointment at your nearest branch in advance. An e-ticket is delivered to the customer along with the expected wait time. Customers can use this to plan their schedule and arrive at the branch just ahead of their appointment.

By introducing virtual queues, these mobile solutions can contribute significantly to your efforts toward providing a more hygienic customer journey. From eliminating waiting periods in crowded rooms to standing in long queues, using these solutions allow businesses to implement social distancing measures that can keep their customers as well as their staff safe.  You can use these tools to highlight company values such as prioritizing the health and safety of your customers while also providing them with the convenience they require to avail of your services in a safe and secure manner.

Using SMS notifications for timely arrivals

Appointment booking solutions also come equipped with other features such as branch navigation and SMS notifications. You can use SMS notifications to notify customers about their turn. If they happen to be near your branch, they can wait in their cars until their turn arrives. You can also use this option to send customers updates about their appointment and turn status.

Employing these solutions allow you to engage with your customers safely without exposing them to any unnecessary risks associated with crowded waiting rooms and long queues. You also get to provide prompt service which can elevate your brand and contribute to better customer experience.


Get customer feedback through mobile to keep your customers safe

Due to the increased emphasis on self-isolation, businesses are struggling to connect with their customers using conventional promotional methods and feedback loops.  Failing to engage with customers can make it harder for businesses to identify how they can enhance their customer experience and deliver more value.

With mobile-based customer feedback solutions, you can get insights about the customers’ experience and their buying journey. Having a mobile feedback solution in place can help you measure customer satisfaction, which is linked to the transactions made. You can capture feedback through mobile apps, SMS messages, and your organization’s website. These can be integrated with the customer experience management system and allow customers to provide feedback safely.  

You can use this information to understand and interpret their definition of value. Implementing these findings and using them to improve your products and services can set you up for long-term success.

Control branch capacity to maintain social distancing

Operating at optimal branch occupancy is vital during the pandemic and the last thing you need is an overcrowded branch that compromises the health and safety of those present inside. What you need is an automated solution that helps you control branch capacity. Without this, you’ll have to risk turning away customers to prevent any unnecessary exposure to the virus. Even if it’s for their own good, it’s likely that most customers will not take this well. After all, they didn’t drive all the way there only to find out that you are already at full capacity.

A major advantage of using mobile solutions is that businesses can configure and modify the number of customers they can serve at a time. You can introduce specific time-slots and limit the number of people that can book an appointment during that particular time slot.

This approach enables better crowd control as it ensures that only a limited number of customers are present on your business premises at the same time.


The Bottom Line

We are living in unprecedented times. There’s no saying when the pandemic will be over and business can resume as normal. Until it does, it’s important to serve your customers while implementing social distancing and creating a safe customer journey. Mobile solutions can play a vital role here and allow your business to operate in a socially responsible manner. They let you take an innovative approach toward winning the trust of your customers and building a long-lasting relationship with them. These solutions can continue to add value to your business even after the pandemic is over.

To learn more about how you can integrate these mobile solutions into your business, get in touch with our team at SEDCO. We offer a wide variety of products that enable social distancing and promote a safer customer journey. Visit for more information.

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