Top banking trends to achieve digital branch transformation in 2021


Due to COVID-19, most financial institutions entered a crisis mode and built digital capabilities to empower their customers to bank anytime anywhere. As we enter 2021, banks and credit unions must rethink the definition of 'digital banking,' within a smart branch to extend their complex services beyond the typical working hours while providing a more convenient and safer customer experience. Here are the top techniques that banks can adopt to achieve seamless digital branch transformation:

Self service zone - by SEDCO

1. Create a 24/7 Self-Service Zone

A self-service zone is typically located at the branch entrance, covering around 30% of the total space. Devoted to self-services with zero human interaction, this area is considered the core of a digital branch. It remains open 24 hours a day and generally includes ATMs, ITMs, and self-service kiosks. Video-banking machines are also installed to help customers reach bankers via conference call.

Self-service kiosks empower bank customers to:

  • Avail banking services 24/7
  • Access banking services with greater ease while avoiding long waiting periods
  • Dispense physical items such as ATM cards, chequebooks, account statements, etc.
  • Enjoy a convenient experience with social distancing

2. Consider Meeting & Greeters

Think of meeting and greeters as the standing desks with one or more bankers to support customers with quick transactions. This arrangement does not include a place for seating and is designed for providing banking services that are not particularly lengthy or time-consuming, such as sales and assisted services.

Standing desks also help maintain social distancing, and reduce the need for staff-based services by answering customer queries and providing support and guidance regarding the use of machinery and self-service zones.  

3. Incorporate Online Banking  

Online banking is generally described as the means of carrying out transactions via the internet. Banks offer online banking as it is quick, convenient, and allows customers to carry out transactions without visiting or calling the bank.

Did you know that online banking can also help you provide virtual queuing services to your customers? Your customers can use the mobile appointment app to reserve appointments in advance. It helps reduce human contact at the bank and saves time. Moreover, your customers can check-in by scanning the QR codes, share their feedback and enjoy a complete touchless banking experience.    

4. Use an Integrated Solution that Incorporates All Touchpoints  

While creating a self-service zone and setting up standing desks help big time, if you want a successful digital branch transformation, you need a comprehensive solution that has all your touchpoints integrated together to streamline the customer journey.

Advanced queue management system enables smart routing, where bank customers can be guided to the right service channel based on the service type, service time, customers’ demography, and availability of staff or machines. 

5. Central Management of Branches & Self-Service Machines

All physical and software solutions deployed at various branches must be connected through a single system to provide complete control and extraordinary management from a central location, usually the head office. A critical part of digital transformation, central management is essential to streamline the service. It can also help gain utilization reports and performance of services via different channels.

The Bottom Line

Banks that wish to stay competitive must adopt the latest technology to provide smart solutions and self-service options to their customers. Moreover, branch transformation means to bridge between digital and physical channels, reduce branch footprint and deliver a differentiating experience anywhere at anytime.

SEDCO branch transformation solutions enable smart routing between the self-service machines and queue management system where the bank’s customers can be guided to the right service channel based on the service type, service time, customers’ demography, and availability of staff or machines.

Are you ready to transform your bank to guarantee frictionless experiences? Contact SEDCO to learn about your options and achieve seamless digital branch transformation today!