Why telecom operators should adopt digital branch transformation?


Since telecom service providers cater to a large number of customers, maintaining social distancing is a big concern during covid-19 pandemic, especially that governments around the world have imposed restrictions, including shutdowns on businesses deemed as “non-essential.”

An atmosphere of fear exists due to which customers are not willing to visit service shops. In short, the business landscape has changed forever in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak and smart digital solutions are the need of the hour for telecom service providers.

Smart digital branches for telecom operators by SEDCO

Smart Digital Branches for 24/7 Telecom Service Accessibility

Telecom providers must boost their flexibility to keep up with the current worldwide health crisis. An omni-channel approach involving self-service kiosks can provide the much needed social distancing that is a major concern for both customers and staff. Hence, telecom providers should operate smart digital branches that are available 24/7, besides their conventional branches to provide a safer customer journey and protect their staff.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of implementing self-service machines in your smart telecom branch.


Key Benefits of Self-Service Machines


Safe onboarding of new customers through self-service kiosks

Offer customers a convenient and safe experience, by empowering them to open a new account through self-service kiosks that are installed in your smart telecom store or in other public areas like malls and railway stations. The telecom kiosks can take the customers’ photos and signatures while they scan their fingertips, ID cards, or passports for validation. The kiosk then initiates a video call with a remote agent for verification.


Instant SIM card dispensing for a more hygienic experience 

The self-service machines can fully automate SIM registration, SIM dispensing and other telecom services- such as top up and bill payment-without exposing your customers or staff to any health risks. With instant SIM issuance kiosks, the customer’s personal information is sent to the telecom operator’s system for recording and to activate the SIM card, while customers can select the suitable payment method whether cash or card.


Create a value proposition for your customers with mobile money through the kiosks

The fully automated machines also permit payments through mobile money which represents a much faster, safer and more convenient way for customers to pay. The digital wallet service (cash in- cash out) simplifies the payment of invoices, top up, etc.). Furthermore, users of mobile money service can make transfers to other users at anytime.  


Automated purchases of telecom products without employee intervention

Customers have the power to buy smartphones, tablets, modems, and accessories on their own through automated self-service shops without face-to-face interaction with your staff. This is extremely critical during to covid-19 pandemic.


Business continuity and reliability

Telecom operators can ensure business continuity and reliable service even when under strict lockdowns, by running smart digital branches that are open for customers around the clock.


Create a safer customer journey today with SEDCO’s self-service solutions

SEDCO has a full range of advanced self-service solutions that can open up many possibilities for telecom service providers during the coronavirus crisis. From self-service kiosks, to automated telecom shops and virtual service machines, SEDCO’s solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional staff-controlled shops. These solutions help telecom operators comply with social distancing, while ensuring availability of telecom services 24/7 and providing a safer customer journey. All self-services machines and branches can be centrally managed from the head office.

This is just the beginning. There is much more in store for smart telecom operators that elect to deploy SEDCO’s automated kiosks. To learn more, get in touch with SEDCO specialists.

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