Askari Bank selects SEDCO’s Customer Experience Management system to evolve into smart branches

Askari bank singing agreement with SEDCO to install CEM solutions


SEDCO, in corporation with its strategic partner in Pakistan “Touchpoint”, signed an agreement with Askari bank to adopt Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform in 20 branches, moving towards 570 in the future.

This agreement comes as a step to transform the bank’s customer journey through SEDCO’s digital branch transformation solutions including CEM mobile, queue management with an integrated BI system, digital signage, customer feedback management, and video banking machine.

Askari customers can reserve appointments on-the-go through mobile application, SMS, or website, greatly reducing their queuing and waiting time. Customers may choose to leave the branch temporarily while waiting, and the system will notify them through SMS about their turn approaching.

The bank’s customers remain engaged through digital signage displaying targeted promotions based on their interests, which increases sales and profit. Once assisted, happy customers can provide their feedback directly. All customer feedback is managed in real- time from a central location, and CEM easily integrates with the bank’s backend system.

Empowered with an advanced Business Intelligence platform, the smart queue management system monitors the entire physical customer experience and offers deep insights through reports and dashboards, enabling the bank’s management to act immediately and improve the efficiency levels.

SEDCO’s Business Development Manager in South Asia region, Imran Sharif commented, “Askari bank has always taken initiative in adopting the latest technologies to improve the customer experience. The video banking machine will enable their customers to receive banking services 24/7, such as opening a new account, applying for a loan, issuing cards instantly, printing out account statements, and printing cheque leaves. In case any consultation is required, the customers can have a video call with the bank’s experts”.

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