Etisalat Egypt Adopts Digital Transformation with SEDCO's Virtual Queuing Solution

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Etisalat Misr


To align with its strategic vision towards digital transformation and streamline the customer journey, Etisalat, a leading telecom provider in Egypt, is implementing SEDCO’s queue management solutions in 138 branches across the country.

SEDCO solutions, comprising virtual queuing, queue management, digital signage, and mobile feedback, will equip Etisalat Egypt with the tools they need to manage the customer journey before, during, and after their visit. The mobile queuing system empowers customers to book appointments directly through the mobile application and skip long waiting periods inside the branch. While customers are waiting in a safe place, they will receive SMS updates about their turn to ensure a safer experience amid COVID-19 and beyond.

The solution also includes ticketing kiosks that empower walk-in customers to join virtual queues. As customers wait inside branch premises, they will view targeted promotions on the digital screens and stay engaged, while enabling the company to cross-sell its products and services to increase sales.

After receiving the service, customers can submit their feedback about the company’s services directly through the mobile application, empowering Etisalat to enhance their services based on customer opinions to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

“Our queue management system is empowered with powerful tools to enable Etisalat management to monitor and better evaluate performance through real-time dashboards, data integration and business analytics. All the branches can be monitored from the head office to drive operational excellence and employee productivity,” said Mohammad Adi, Regional Sales Manager at SEDCO.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the need for virtual queuing management and self-service solutions. SEDCO is at the forefront of helping businesses introduce and implement digital branch transformation technologies. Our systems are currently operating across thousands of banking and telecom branches all over the world ”, added Adi.