Self Service Solutions

Create 24/7 self-service zone at your branches to serve your customers safely beyond working hours at reduced costs with SEDCO’s self-service machines.
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Smart Self Service Solutions for Safe and Secure Transactions 24/7 

Create a great digital experience between your business and customers without opening up more branches and skyrocketing your operating costs.

Gain alternative channels to serve your customers 24 hours at reduced costs while complying with social distancing, with SEDCO’s self-service machines.

Self Service Kiosk - by SEDCO
Self Service Kiosk

 Availability of your services 24/7

Banking Kiosk: instant card issuance, cheques printing/dispensing, new account opening and more.  
Telecom Kiosk: SIM dispensing, bill payment, top-up mobile balance,  mobile wallet and more.
Self Service Shop - by SEDCO
Self Service Shop

Automated Telecom Shop

Physicals items available 24/7, such as SIM cards, Mobile phones, tablets and more.
Lockers available to receive, repair and return items.
The most cost-effective branch replacement to help you scale your operation.
Virtual Service Machine - by SEDCO
Virtual Service Machine

Add a human touch to self-service solutions

Customers can connect with your experts by video chatting outside of business hours.
Eliminate the cost of opening new branches.
Open more virtual counters in your branch to adapt to traffic, without hiring more employees.
Digital Branch Transformation for Telecom SEDCO

Your Service 24/7. No more queuing. Happy Customers.

Your services are available to customers anytime, anywhere, and require less time and effort, while maintaining social distancing.

That’s convenience in a nutshell. And the best part? Your customers will love it.


Even beyond your working hours, inside and outside your branch

  • Reduce work overload for employees in your branches by letting customers serve themselves.
  • Updates of the software are easy and automatic so you’re not bogged down by the technology.
  • Always be on top of arising problems with automated SMS and email notifications.
  • Increase engagement and purchase intent by using targeted digital signage for business promotions.
  • Custom-branded hardware to expand your market reach
  • Install kiosks in high-traffic areas outside of your branch, or in underserviced area.

Smart self-service kiosks for a staff-less branch

SEDCO has everything you need to operate a smart branch, 24/7.

Every solution can be adapted to your needs - there is no one-size-fits-all for world-class customer service.

Payment Kiosks by SEDCO
Payment Kiosks
  • Allows customers to pay by cash and card.
  • Suitable for bill payment, restaurants, retail shops, utilities payments and more.
  • No more endless line-ups for customers.
Multi Purpose Kiosks by SEDCO
Multi Purpose Kiosks
  • Accept different types of payment: cash, coins and card.
  • Cash in-out services.
High Capacity Multi Purpose Kiosk by SEDCO
High Capacity Multi-Purpose Kiosk
  • Various services including: payment, card issuing, printing, scanning, and customer identification.
  • Due to its size and design it can fit in different types of components and   requirements.  
Drive Through kiosk by SEDCO
Drive-through kiosk
  • This kiosk can be installed on a wall and takes up minimal space.
  • Install outdoors for ease of access 24/7.
  • Opportunity to advertise your products and services.
  • Supports payment by card/ cash and biometric verification.
Video Banking Machines by SEDCO
Video Banking Machine
  • A self-service kiosk with video call facility, enabling customers to communicate with a backend agent.
  • Agent can monitor and control the machine and customer’s activities.
  • The machine is used by the customer while being seated which adds more convenience for customers especially for transactions that take time.
Automated Telecom Shop by SEDCO
Automated Telecom Shop
  • A cost-effective sales channel to boost revenue.
  • Customers can buy physical products by themselves 24/7 such as smart phones, SIM card and more.
  • Lockers to receive, repair and return telecom devices.
  • Accept different methods of payment, cash or cards.

Main benefits of self service solutions

Make products and services available 24/7.
Easy development and deployment of services.
Customizable to suit specific requirements.
Safe and secure transactions
Decrease operating costs.
Boost your sales and revenue.
Best utilization of your resources.
Easily accessible for people with special needs.
Empower your brand - and your customers - with AI-powered smart self-service machines

Free your branches of the overhead and empower your employees to serve your customers better. Your brand can provide superior customer service, at a fraction of the cost.

Case Studies

Mobily drives digital branch transformation with SEDCO’s self-service solutions
Mobily drives digital branch transformation with SEDCO’s self-service solutions

Saudi Mobily Company is a Saudi Arabian telecommunications services company that offers fixed line, mobile telephony, and Internet services under