Self Service Kiosks

Availability of Services Anywhere at Anytime in a safer mode
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Extend business hours to 24/7 – with a cost effective service channel

Customers look for the best service, anytime, anywhere, in a safer mode, and at the best prices!

Achieve digital transformation with minimal staff and at a lower cost. SEDCO’s self- service kiosk offers you the most innovative and advanced technologies cutting down on other operating costs, while increasing your customer satisfaction!

Customers want convenience – at reduced costs
Of customers believe solving issues themselves is important
Of customers expect self-service from brands
Of businesses with great customer experiences are outperforming their competition
Empower your customers and reduce workload with SEDCO self-service kiosks


Self Service Kiosks for Telecom by SEDCO

Convenient self-service solutions your customers will love - anytime, anywhere

Customers can access all the services they need at any time. Services include bill payment, card/SIM dispensing, form applications, and many other transactions without any assistance from a desk employee. Customers will be able to scan, print, and share supporting documents, while the self-service machines can capture their photos and signatures anytime whenever needed.

Your customers can avoid crowded waiting rooms and use services at their convenience using the Mobile app to book appointments and await their turn. Not only are you satisfying customer needs, but you’re also reducing the employee workload and costs.

Customizable Self Service Kiosks:

You can choose one of the kiosk models or combine several functions in one self-service kiosk to handle complex demands and provide best user experience.

A smart digital branch and beyond

Smart Bank Branch by SEDCO
Smart Bank Kiosk
  • Open new bank accounts
  • Apply for loans
  • Renew ATM cards
  • Deposit cheque/ Print cheque leaves/cheque books
  • Transfer funds 
  • Print account statement
  • Capture signatures 
  • Scan, print, and deposit supporting documents


Smart Self Service Branch for Telecom by SEDCO
Smart Telecom Kiosk
  • SIM cards purchasing and dispensing 
  • Bill payment 
  • Top up 
  • Account management 
  • Mobile money 
  • Capture signatures 
  • Scan, print, and deposit supporting documents
Smart Government Branch by SEDCO
Smart Government Kiosk
  • Access government services 24/7 
  • Issue work permits 
  • Payment services 
  • Verify identity with biometric modules 
  • Capture signatures 
  • Scan, print, and deposit supporting documents
Smart Healthcare Center by SEDCO
Smart Healthcare Kiosk
  • Biometric modules provide safety and privacy 
  • Print medical reports and prescriptions 
  • Payment service
  • Book or modify appointments 
  • Scan, print, and deposit supporting documents
Smart Self Service Kiosk by SEDCO

Promote your services through smart digital screens

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase the purchase intention of existing customers

Control your self-service kiosks from a central location in real-time

Transform to smart branches that are easy to manage and control with SEDCO’s advanced central management system:

  • Single integration point for all kiosks.
  • Manage, track, and optimize services.
  • Update the digital screen content based on customer profile.
  • Alert notifications to guarantee availability of service.
  • Make insightful decisions based on service demands, revenue, and customer feedback.

Cut costs while serving more customers - the simple path to business growth

You don’t need to open more branches or hire more employees. With SEDCO’s self-service kiosk solutions, you can do more than providing a convenient customer journey - at reduced costs

Main benefits of Self Service Kiosks

Make services available 24/7
Make services available 24/7
Reduce waiting time
Reduce waiting time
Safe and secure transactions
Safe and secure transactions
Easy development and deployment of services
Easy development and deployment of services
Customizable to suit specific requirements
Customizable to suit specific requirements
Decrease operating costs.
Decrease operating costs
Easily accessible for people with special needs
Easily accessible for people with special needs
Maximize your business efficiency
Maximize your business efficiency
Your Service 24/7. No more queue. Happy Customers.

Your services are available to customers anytime, anywhere, and require less time and effort. That’s convenience in a nutshell.

And the best part? Your customers will love it.